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About Us


The Wiltipoll Sheep Breeders Association (WSBA) was formed in 2012 by a passionate group of breeders and owners with a mutual love and enthusiasm for the Wiltipoll breed. WSBA has been approved as the breed group responsible for Wiltipoll Sheep by the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association Limited (ASSBA). Stud Wiltipoll Sheep are registered through ASSBA who manage the Wiltipoll Stud Flock Register. WSBA is also responsible for the issuing and management of Breeder Codes for all Wiltipoll breeders involved in LambPlan, regardless of being a WSBA member.

WSBA's aim is to:


  • Provide a support network for new and current Wiltipoll breeders to breed high quality Wiltipoll Sheep, and to adopt good breeding practices.


  • Develop and maintain the Wiltipoll Breed Description and Wiltipoll Breed Standard

  • Educate Wiltipoll owners and the public about the breed, through meetings, education sessions and field days on properties where Wiltipoll Sheep are bred.

  • Provide a cost effective organisation for the marketing of Wiltipoll sheep

  • Promote the showing of Wiltipoll sheep

  • Promote Wiltipolls as a highly productive, low maintenance and profitable meat sheep for commercial producers

  • Be an inclusive group for all persons interested in Wiltipoll Sheep. We support stud breeders, commercial breeders, hobby farmers and sheep enthusiasts equally.


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