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Wiltipoll Breed Description

Wiltipolls are a hardy good foraging breed of sheep suitable for all climates. Ideal for crossing with other breeds for excellent prime lambs:

  • Nutritious, deliciously flavoured, highest quality meat

  • Ideal for organic lamb production

  • No chemical treatment needed for fly and lice

  • No jetting, dipping, mulesing , shearing , crutching or need for tail docking

  • Grass seed resistant.


Maternal Traits:

The Wiltipoll is a seasonal breeder, ewes come into season in autumn and lambs are born in spring. Ewes do not cycle during summer months.

Ewes lamb easily, milk abundantly and have vigorous lambs born with a high percentage of multiple births. Ewes may be joined at 6 to 7 months of age but success will depend on the maturity and condition of the ewe at joining. Better feed results in more multiple births but twins come consistently from older ewes on poorer pasture.



Wiltipolls are used in a variety of farming enterprises. Their ease of management makes them an attractive choice for meat production and grass control on smaller holdings. Wiltipolls are well suited to prime lamb production in the range lands as they are browsers as well as grazers and will finish on dry pasture without supplementary feeding. Because of their complete wool-shedding and ability to handle wet conditions, they can also be run in the tropics.

For further information please refer to Breed Standard.