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Our organisation was formed in 2012. With a recent name change to Wiltipoll Sheep Breeders Association Inc, we have come together to support each other and new members, who all have a mutual love and respect for the breed.

Our Aim:

  • Provide a venue for new and current Wiltipoll breeders Australia wide to breed high quality Wiltipoll Sheep, and to adopt good breeding practices. The breed standard established by Wiltipoll Stud Breeders Australia (our original name) provides details of the breed. See Breed Standard for further details.

  • Educate Wiltipoll owners and the public about this breed, through meetings, education sessions and field days on properties where Wiltipoll Sheep are bred.

  • Show Wiltipoll Sheep, and, through showing, promote the breed within the community as a sheep bred for meat, and for ease of care and management due to having disease resistant feet,  multiple birthing , excellent mothering skills and being shearing and crutching  free.

  • To be an inclusive group for all persons interested in Wiltipoll Sheep. This explains the name change from stud breeders to sheep breeders. We support stud breeders, commercial breeders , hobby farmers and sheep enthusiasts equally.


Wiltipoll Sheep Breeders Australia has been approved as the breed group for Wiltipoll Sheep by the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association Limited (ASSBA). Wiltipoll Sheep can be registered through ASSBA.

Our purpose:

  • To support the development, promotion and sale of Wiltipoll Sheep and Wiltipoll Studs

  • To encourage all Wiltipoll breeders to adopt good breeding practices

  • To provide fair participation and benefits to all members irrespective of location

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